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Why Brands Are Turning Towards Video Content and You Should Do It Too?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.” – Mike Henry

Video content needs no introduction but for starters, let’s go by a simple common definition! Video content incorporates any sort of video that you make for your showcasing or publicising. If you still haven’t shifted to more video content for marketing your brand or even for yourself, you can shoot us your query and we can get you on the bandwagon sooner that you think.

Let’s talk about some stats. According to a recent survey, 74% of the consumers would rather choose video-based content in place of any other form of information. 95% of advertisers concur that videos have helped increment the customer’s understanding of their brand. Lastly, according to some people, the value of a 1-minute-long video is beyond a million words. Who wouldn’t want to convey all about their brand in a short span of time, right?!

How Video Content Affects Your Brand Image?

  • Builds a Relationship: It is a no-brainer that videos are by far the most engaging form of content. As well as being engaging, video pieces are likewise demonstrated to make data simpler to devour. It creates a more engaging relationship with the audience which eventually builds on the trust factor. Not only these but do you remember the product that you read about more clearly or the one you watched on YouTube? We can bet that you have a clearer picture of the one you watched on YouTube, or any other video content platform.

It is a clear observation that when a viewer is locked in with a video, they will hold 95% of its message, contrasted with simply 10% when consuming textual information. It leaves a firm, enduring impression that surely fosters leads.

  • SEO Is Your Best Friend: Google and even most of these social media apps push video content far more than any other form. It catches the audience’s attention in a shorter span of time and makes people stick to these apps for longer. Don’t forget to use the right keywords and set the perfect title.

Remember the last time you randomly started scrolling Instagram reels, and the next thing you know, it was 4 in the morning. We’re sure, we’ve all been there, done that. Talking about Instagram reels, it is a perfect example of being pushed by Instagram more than any regular content.

  • Better ROI: 90% of marketers vouch for video-based content to achieve greater heights of ROI. More than 55% of consumers say that a brand video made them more certain about their purchase and reduced the chances of being unsatisfied with a purchase. It is also a proven fact that customer support services by a brand reduce massively when marketers use videos for their brand. This is because the customers pretty much know what they’re signing up for. Another motivation behind why video works effectively is that they really keep individuals around for enough time to glance around on the site. As a brand, your aim, for starters, is that consumers look around for all the services/ products offered by you. That’s what video content does for you.

How You Can Incorporate Video Based Content for Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy?

There are endless ideas for using video content to build brand awareness. Here are some of the easiest bits that you can try in the very beginning, or even later:

  • BTS: This world is filled with curious people. We all love seeing what goes behind the screen. How you pack your product, how you shoot, how your team works or any thing that is a part of the working of your organisation. A little Behind the Scenes hurt no one!

  • Testimonials: What could be better than your current consumers talking about your product/ service to your potential clients. Get people to talk about your brands on camera and talk about their experience. This simply helps in adding credibility to your brand.

  • Demonstrations: How do people easily make use out of the services/ products offered by your brand? Simple videos with a little demo are the way to go for. For instance, if you’re a clothing brand, and the pieces offered by you can be used in multiple ways, let your audience know about the ways to do that. It makes them invest in the product because of an increased utility.

Now that you’re aware about the perks video-based content has to offer, you must know that if done with lack of expertise or poor-quality equipment, the results can go downhill. And that is where we, Visers Media come into the picture. We offer easy assistance in the process of pre-production, post production and even marketing of your video and even audio content. With just a few clicks on our website, you can book for a free consultation anytime!

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